About KidZCommunity

Our Mission

The KidZCommunity Head Start mission is to Empower children and their families to maximize their full potential through opportunities for growth and change.

Photo by Sara Feiling

Our Vision

KidZCommunity envisions a future in which children and families are the nation’s top priority. KidZCommunity is recognized for offering services that enrich children’s development through self‐discovery, extraordinary environments and healthy enjoyable experiences.

Our teachers are engaged and help children develop their enthusiasm to learn.

We are guided by a Reggio Emilia inspired approach to teaching, learning and reflection that promotes family engagement in, children’s development, the program and the community.

We promote healthy eating and serve organic foods grown in community gardens. We invite staff to participate in relationship based reflective practices, and health and wellness activities. Our teachers are fully engaged, focused and have the time and space to reflect. They bring joy into teaching and help children to enter kindergarten with an enthusiasm to learn.


The entire KidZCommunity organization is dedicated to creating and fostering a supportive environment which promotes trust, respect, professional growth, and quality leadership.

Program Goals and Philosophy

The goal of KidZCommunity child development programs is to provide an environment of success where children develop skills which will enable them to make sense of the world. The children will have the opportunity to interact with their environments to learn through experimentation, problem‐solving, positive social interactions, and self-motivated exploration.

Through a safe, nurturing, and appropriately‐stimulating environment, the staff will plan activities and interactions which will emphasize social‐emotional, cognitive, and physical development. The role of the child is to explore and discover, a role which aligns naturally with the Loose Parts approach. Loose Parts are materials with no specific set of directions that can be used alone or combined with other materials such as rocks, sticks, bark, fabric, recycled materials, and materials that interest children.

Photo by Sara Feiling

The child’s natural curiosity of the world through loose parts empower the imagination with endless creative possibilities.

The role of the staff is to participate in a partnership, both in and out of class, with parents to ensure their child’s success. The curriculum is designed to provide both individual and group activities. The program offers learning opportunities through art, music and movement, science and cooking, fine motor and gross motor, emergent literacy, and dramatic play activities. The curriculum will also be supported with field trips and community visitors.

We promote the participation of parents in a variety of activities related to their children’s education. Ongoing communication between staff and parents is an essential part of the curriculum, promoting consistency and reinforcing the child’s success.