Program Governance

KidZCommunity’s structure of program governance for the oversight of quality services for children and families and for making decisions related to program design and implementation. This system uses a shared governance model which includes a board of directors and a policy council.

Parent Center Committee

Each center and home based program has a parent center committee which includes parents of all the enrolled children. Meetings are held once a month. During parent meetings, parents and teachers plan curriculum, field trips, Trike-a-thon, and special activities. Teachers and parents discuss and learn about discipline, child development, nutrition and other topics of importance to families with young children.

Policy Council

Annually, each parent center committee elects two representatives to participate on the Policy Council. The Policy Council (PC) is designed to provide parents the opportunity to participate in policy and decision making for the Head Start program such as annual budgets, program planning, operations, personnel, policies, and procedures.

At least 51% of the Council must be made up of current enrolled parents from each site. Family child care homes are represented for each county. Membership is also inclusive of representatives from local business and community representatives.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (BOD) has the legal and fiscal responsibility for the agency. It is comprised of community members who work and/or live in Placer and Nevada Counties. The composition of this board includes at least one member each with a background and expertise in fiscal management or accounting and early childhood education and development.

The board include at least one licensed attorney familiar with issues that come before the governing body. Additional members reflect our diverse communities and include current and past parents of enrolled children and others who are selected for their expertise in education, business administration or community affairs.