Use the information below to help find out if you and your child are likely to be eligible for Head Start.

Eligibility Information

  • Household Income & Size
  • Children ages birth to 5 years
  • Prenatal Women
  • Special Circumstances (Needs)
    • Foster Child
    • Homeless
    • TANF Recipients

What You Need to Apply

  • Child’s Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Income – Pay stubs, W-2, Income Tax Return, TANF/SSI letter, Self-employment, Unemployment, etc.

What You Need on the First Day of School

  • Child’s Immunization Record
  • Emergency/Phone Contacts
  • Doctor/Dentist Contact Information

What You Need within 30 days after School Starts

  • Child’s latest Physical Exam
  • WIC number (If Applicable)
  • Medi-Cal number (If Applicable)