Head Start Curriculum

Center Based

High Scope for School Readiness
KidZCommunity is committed to provide children an educational foundation for school readiness. Head Start preschool classrooms implements the research based curriculum, High Scope. This approach to education is called “active participatory learning” which promotes a child’s learning through self-discovery, a variety of materials, planned experiences initiated by the children or teacher, and quality teacher-child and child-child interactions.

Photo by Sara Feiling

Strengthening the High Scope curriculum, KidZCommunity has embedded specific content approaches:

  • CLASS – Classroom Assessment Scoring System
  • CSEFEL – Center on the Social Emotional Foundations for Early Learning: Social Emotional
  • IMIL – I am Moving, I am Learning: Nutrition and Movement
  • Food for Thought – Healthy and Active Preschoolers: Nutrition/Cooking Experiences
  • Risk Watch: Health and Safety

Family Child Care Homes

Each Family Child Care Home uses a research based, validated curriculum to ensure fidelity.  Like the center based curriculum, these curriculums are also strengthened by all the above listed approaches.